Emet Valiente

fanstastic painter of modern art

Manila, Philippines

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born 1932


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Emet Valente, a known figure in Figurative folk genre print, was born in Jolo, Sulu in 1932.

In the late 60’s, several art schools offered printmaking. Manuel Rodriguez Sr. taught at the Philippine Women’s University, which eventually became the unofficial center of printmaking in the country. He was also instrumental in the formation of the Philippine Association of Printmakers. Most of the young printmakers in the sixties were Rodriguez’s students in PWU or in his workshops. These include Virgilio Aviado, Lucio Martinez, Lamberto Hechanova, Restituto Embuscado, Mario Parial, Adiel Arevalo, Petite Calaguas, Emet Valente,Brenda Fajardo, Nelfa Querubin, Ivi Avellana-Cosio, Nonon Padilla and his sons Manuel Jr., Marcelino and Ray Rodriguez.

When Rodriguez repatriated to the States with his family, he left the historic printmaking press donated by Carmeloand Bauermann to his care and he continues to use it together with other active printmakers. Greatly influenced by Rodriguez, he produces multi-colored prints of country folk in an illustrative style with folk flavor. Since the ‘70s his works have represented the country at Philippine print exhibits in Tel Aviv; Djakarta and Bandung; UNESCO Paris; HK Argentina, Brazil, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro; Colling, Victoria, Austalia; and in recent years, the Wakayama Int’l Print Show Japan, 1992. From 1979 to 1984, he joined a group in the graphic arts at Print Collections Gallery, Ayala Museum, Phil Plaza Print Collection, City Gallery, Phil Plaza, Argentina, Brazil, and at the PWU. Being the oldest surviving member of Mariposa workshop, he has joined all the Mariposa exhibits, including those in the ‘90s at Intercon Hotel, Ayala Museum, and Philtrade. He was part of the Philippine Association of Printmakers group at CCP, Alliance Francaise and Rizal Park Gallery. Valente won four awards at PAP exhibits in the ‘70s and ‘80s. He was also a 1st prize winner at PAP competition in 1989.


(Excerpts from The American and Contemporary Traditions in Philippine Visual Arts in ncca.gov.ph and Heritage Art Center)

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