Showroom opening: Speech of Mr. Klaus Hartung

Speech of Mr. Klaus Hartung

President, Transwing® Art Gallery

Showroom opening

25 June 2016

On the need for a gallery as proactive institution

“Guten Abend. Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat.”

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for accepting our invitation. Unfortunately, not everyone could come because they have to attend events that are being held at the same time as the showroom opening. Still, they showed interest and I am confident that we will be able to build strong relations in no time. I feel delighted to have the support of everyone in this room, especially the German Embassy in Manila, represented by Deputy Head of Mission Mr. Michael Hasper, and German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc., represented by Executive Director Peter Kompalla.

The internet has changed the dynamics of the art market. Social media makes it easy for artists to showcase their talent. It takes a few minutes, several hashtags and a lot of reading on effective social media marketing to sell artworks on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The artists and his or her artworks are no longer exclusive to few people who have access to posh establishments. The galleries suddenly became irrelevant without realizing it because of failure to evolve in this age of instant attention. The gist of the business-- that the gallery can marshal the resources no artist can-- no longer sells like it did some decades ago.

Transwing® Art Gallery is ahead of its time. We rise up to the challenge. You are now witness to our exciting growth and evolution. Transwing® Jane Hartung e.K., a German consulting and trading company established in 1995, opened the GalerieHartung - Asian Fine Arts in Darmstadt, Germany. Not long after, Transwing® Art Gallery was born and had its first representative office in Cavite, Philippines. For almost three decades, Transwing® Art Gallery had been focusing on supporting self-taught "Mabini artists". To cite a few, we collected artworks of the modernist Francisco “Paco” Gorospe and wrote a book titled “Revisiting Mabini Art,” with a larger focus on the life and works of Gorospe himself. Notable art historians, Professor Santiago Albano Pilar, Dr. Pearl E. Tan and Professor Paul Blanco Zafaralla, made valuable contributions to the book, which we launched in May 2013 at the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts in Intramuros, Manila.

In Germany, we successfully accomplished a string of events and projects to honor the legacy of Dr. Jose Rizal in cooperation with the Mayor of Wilhelmsfeld, Order of the Knights of Rizal, Philippine Embassy in Berlin, Germany, and many others.

We posted the following report on our Facebook page: “Following the unveiling of the renovated Dr. Jose Rizal statue in Wilhelmsfeld on June 18, Transwing® Art Gallery presented an exhibit of Rizal artworks to lead the celebration of the Filipino national hero's 155th birth anniversary on June 19. The Gallery also presented the book "Revisiting Mabini Art" to the guests while Transwing® Jane Hartung announced the release of "Terror in den Zeiten des Kolonialismus," the German translation of Rizal's "El Filibusterismo." The latter is Rizal's sequel to "Noli me Tangere" which Transwing® Jane Hartung first published in the German language more than 10 years ago. The German company also supports the distribution of Dr. Bernhard Dahm's Rizal biography. On June 19, Transwing® Jane Hartung and Transwing® Art Gallery introduced the Rizal Wine (label designed by Filipino artist Oscar Ramos) to pay homage to the First Filipino's teachings and heroism.”

In 2014, Transwing® Art Gallery took the attention of Philippine art scene as it graced the cover of Sunday Times Magazine of the Manila Times—the Philippines’ oldest English newspaper—shortly after its participation in ManilArt 2014 at Bonifacio Global City. In the same year, the Securities and Exchange Commission registered the gallery as Transwing® Art Gallery, Inc.

Almost two years later, on the opening night of CHANGE exhibit held at German Club Manila in January this year, Transwing® Art Gallery announced pivotal changes. From henceforth, established and emerging artists-- regardless of financial and educational background and chosen medium-- would receive unwavering support from the Gallery. We also announced that the Gallery will open its showroom at 102 West Avenue, Brgy. Philam, Quezon City on June 25—tonight.

While I’m sure that the Philippine government is trying to assist as many emerging artists as there are, we believe that a gallery must have the responsibility to nurture the tree from which it plucks the fruits. Our responsibility goes beyond holding exhibits. We sponsor established and emerging artists—regardless of the financial and educational background and chosen medium—who wish to join art prizes and competitions here and overseas. Our artists can testify that every step the Gallery takes in sponsorship projects goes through extensive consultation with involved Parties. The friendship and partnership between Transwing® Art Gallery and artists were founded on trust, confidence and transparency.

In the coming years, Transwing® Art Gallery will continuously offer consultation to the artists. We have started the consolidation resources and partnerships with the public and private sectors to launch and sustain the inclusive support of the Filipino art community. In the future, Transwing® Art Gallery shall be part of, or lead if necessary, a movement to protect the welfare of artists in visual and applied arts.

We deeply thank the institutions, companies, and organizations that have mustered its resources to support our initiatives. You are making a huge impact on the development of Philippine arts and culture. Tonight, Transwing® Art Gallery shall also give a toast to the people who believe and invest in the talent and resilience of the Filipino people.

Maraming salamat and enjoy the evening.

* * *

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