Marvin B. Samonte

fanstastic painter of modern art

Manila, Philippines

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born 1980



Marvin “Bin” H. Samonte is a 35 years old artist, born on May 7,1980 in San Antonio Nueva Ecija,Philippines. He comes from a family of artiss.He is residing at Lancaster city, General Trias in Cavite.

He is exposed to art since childhood, since his father and 5 brothers are artist too.
His grandfather and great father both have been artist too, so he is heavy influenced by the family.

Bin is a under graduate student of Fine Arts at University of the East, but a versatile artist. He won some local and national art competitions in the Philippines.

He uses different mediums for his artworks and never stops learning and still encounter more experience. Furthermore he,experiment and explore with different material. Bin is a modern and a contemporary artist.

Bin received several Awards, for example the Some Awards to mention: Grand Prize San Miguel Corporation's Scrapt to Art Competition, Grand Prize, Instituro Cervantes' Letras Y Figuras.

Bin was residing several years abroad and was working as Artist at Corniche Decor Center, Doha Qatar 2006-2013.


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