Vincent Gonzalez

fanstastic painter of modern art

Manila, Philippines

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The illusion of motion is what gives worthy paintings impact, self-taught visual artist Vincent Christopher Gonzales believes. This is why he suggested to older brother Sherwin Paul Gonzales that they create an art movement based on this principle.


As there has been an absence of an indigenous Filipino art style, the elder Gonzales suggested giving it a Filipino name to replace “Illusionism” and “Motionism,” which were the terms they had coined for it. As the brothers are from Baler, Aurora, they decided to name their painting style “Tareptipism,” from the old Tagalog word tareptep, which refers to “ripples of water,” waves being the art principle’s denominator.


The younger Gonzales (Sherwin Gonzales) is Tareptipism’s most prolific exponent. Committed to its expansion as an art movement, he currently leads the Tareptipism Society of the Philippines.


But Gonzales is not all flashes of neon colors as he has a decidedly dark side that displays his surrealist leanings and his love for family. A common subject is only son, Vincent Jr. He has also depicted himself in the exceptional Limbol Limbol series like “Agape” (2015), showing him experiencing delirium when in the state of high fever. They come as intimate journals in the state of pain and a weird kind of pleasure only personally known.


Influenced by Rembrandt’s classical composition and Caravaggio’s realistic observations of man’s various states, it is Monet who determined Gonzales’ individualistic streak. Taking from his example of the Impressionists going against the academicians that led to the modern art movement.


Excerpt from “Vincent Gonzales’
Signs of the Times” in the Daily Tribune website

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