Cesar Buenaventura

fanstastic painter of modern art

Manila, Philippines

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Cesar Buenaventura second and youngest son of Professor Teodoro Buenaventura. In 1949 had his first solo at the Officers Club of the US Army’s South Pacific headquarters in Diliman. Also had solo at the AAP in 1956. Works included in PAG’s first contemporary exhibit abroad to Carnegie Endowment Center and Wahington D.C. An Italian, Mr. Umberti, brought his works to Florence and Naples for a very successful exhibit there in 1958. Held a solo in 1963 at Philamlife sponsored by the Economic Commission for Asia and Far East. Works chosen in 1964 for the Washington State Fair and the NY  World’s Fair representing the country, and also to Berne, Zurich, in 1965, where his works was chosen best in exhibit.

A very versatile impressionist painter, he infused his distinct mark in traditional countryside scenes, seascapes, and market settings. Held yearly solos from 1965 to 1967 at the HK Hilton President Hotel. Exhibited yearly at the Clark Air Base and the Olongapo Officer’s Club in Subic. Was a member of the Academy of Filipino Artist. Owned a gallery from 1958-1995 on A. Mabini, run by wife Lourdes. Works were part of the  Traveling  Art Exhibit sponsored by De La Rama Shipping Company. His works  "Cabra Island" was featured on the cover of  Countryside Banking Magazine. Works also found in the UST collection. Canvasses generally conveyed a quite, serene, and tranquil impression. Influence of Fernando Amorsolo and Ireneo Miranda sometimes evident in his works.
Won 1st prize at the 1950 Natl Art contest held every five years at the FEU. In 1955, was chosen one of the country’s Top Ten Artists. Recd an ASA Artist of the Phil award, 1956. Was 1st prize winner at the Open Art Exhibit in Luneta in 1957, and work was chosen Outstanding Landscape of the Year by the Academy of the Filipino Artist.


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