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from 20th of january, 2021




The new normal is a major adjustment to some people. Travel is somewhat restricted. Social activities are limited to cope with the new demands for social distancing. Buffet meals have been set aside in lieu of plated meals for fear of contamination. Leisure activities such as sports and massages, and outdoor entertainment have become nil to non-existent.

But for some, isolation is a way of life. Ask any artist for that matter and you will be amazed. Most if not all their masterpieces were wrought in isolation.

Mabini artists Paco Gorospe, Cesar Buenaventura and Oscar Ramos lived in an era in the 1960s when the Ermita area was bustling with commerce benefitting from the presence of post-World War II American tourists who frequented the ateliers and souvenir shops along Roxas Boulevard and Mabini. While Gorospe and Buenaventura painted local color in Modernism, Ramos chose to portray rural scenes in the Amorsolo style.

Kapampangan culture professor and mixed media sculptor Arnel Garcia’s wall art depicts religious subject using contemporary materials that are readily available in his locality. He draws a parallel between Christ and the Pope, head of the Roman Catholic Church. Kevin Cubinar’s depiction of an almost naked contemporary woman is contrasted with Jelyn Donguines’ tribal princess whose background is replete with patterns associated with the Mangyan tribe.

Sarah Tario’s work is an experimental foray into various media and is an example of the progressive direction of MAGKAISA. Luke Joshua Estrana’s depiction of jelly fishes are so realistic you can almost touch the opacity on the canvas.

Kristian Gonzales’ abstract works are at par with Dominic Urbano’s abstract art, and although they are in the same genre, the viscosity of the strokes are palpably different and distinct from each other.


Since 2013 upon the initial launch of REVISITING MABINI ART BOOK at the NCCA Gallery in Intramuros, the management team involved in the production of the book ventured into art brokerage of exclusively Filipino art in the local as well as German and European markets. Predominantly consisting of self-taught artists such as Paco Gorospe, Rafael Cusi, Oscar Ramos, and Roger San Miguel, the roster of artists grew to include Fine Arts graduates, as well as up and coming newbies who are dedicated to carving a niche in the art scene.

Seven years after and with invaluable lessons learned, the management team has reorganized. Like the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes, 2021 saw the birth of MAGKAISA CREATIVE SPACE INC.

Its roster of artists come from diverse places in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, and are well versed in the different styles and genres encompassing the wide range of Filipino culture and contemporary life.

With a progressive mind set guiding the MAGKAISA artists, product research and development is of prominent importance as we seek to forge new paths for the future. Aside from the visual arts, we seek to develop interaction with the other venues of arts: fashion design, interior design, accessories, multimedia arts, photography, and literature on lifestyle, arts and culture.

Exposure to the Filipino, Singaporean and European markets has given the new management team an edge as we are able to harness current trends without losing sight of our roots as a people.

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